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Portfolio Book Image: Sunset

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Here we are.  The last image in my photobook series.  I started with a sunrise, and I am ending with a sunset.  Every image in this series is about nature.  The only thing man made in the last 23 images was the road in the shot of Canyonlands.  Sure there are flowers and trees planted by man, and a couple of buildings in the image of the bison back at the beginning, but I chose all this images to show off the natural world.  This is a fitting closing image.  Taken at Barr Lake State Park, this was a magnificent sunset.  One of the best I've ever seen.  The whole sky across my field of view was every hue of orange and purple you can imagine.  

So now the next step is to get the book printed.  Good thing blurb is having a sale right now.  Guess I should upload some pictures huh...

Sunset.  Barr Lake State Park.  Adams County, Colorado

Sunset.  Barr Lake State Park.  Adams County, Colorado

Portfolio Book Image: High Dune

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In 2008, my wife and I went for a weekend trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We stayed at Zapata Ranch, which is an awesome place to stay by the way.  We want to take our kids there one day, as they have a complete ranch experience package.  And it's run by the Nature Conservancy.  Check it out here: (  

Anyway.  This is one of my first attempts at HDR.  I just love this image.  I love how the clouds lead your eye from the upper left, curving just as you arrive at the summit of High Dune.  This is 800 feet of sand.  It's also just a monster to climb.  Very difficult.  The sand is reflecting some early afternoon light, which is again giving us some red/blue color contrast between it and the sky.  In retrospect, the HDR is probably a little over done.  The sky isn't really that blue here all the time (although I have seen it that blue).  There are highlights in the clouds that are blown out, but hey, I was working with an 8 MP camera back then.  It's a solid attempt, and one from which I have learned.  And I like that there are four people in this image.  

I haven't done as many HDR's in the last couple of years.  Mainly because I don't live as close to the mountains anymore.  That's an excuse though, and one that needs to go away.  I enjoy HDR, and tinkering around with all the plugins.  It's cool, and it's all that should matter.  

Only one photo left...

High Dune, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Portfolio Book Image: The Yawn

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We've entered into the home stretch of the phonebook project images.  In fact, there are only two more after this one.  I remember this day quite well.  It was New Years, and we packed five adults into my Jetta for a three hour trip south to the Springs.  Then I couldn't find the road to the park because it wasn't well marked.  And it was cold (did I mention it was New Year's?).  But what a sight these rock formations are.  The one thing I still wonder is whether or not I should have studied Geology in school instead of Biochemistry.  I love rocks.  I think it goes back to all my time as a kid spent on the Colorado Plateau.  Striations are wonderful.  Geologic uplift is inherently beautiful.  And, I love the way this particular rock formation looks like an old man, covering his mouth as he yawns (the red/blue color contrast is also very nice).  To this day, one of my favorites.

Rock Formation, Garden of the Gods Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Portfolio Book Image: Palm Fronds

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I've mentioned Florida a couple of times.  My wife is from there.  We got married there.  Our favorite restaurant is The Jetty, in Jupiter, Florida.  This place is awesome.  It's so awesome we had our rehearsal dinner there those many years ago.  The restaurant sits on the Indian River just as it approaches the Atlantic Ocean.  They have a large patio where you can sit and watch boats returning home.  The best part is that across the river is the Jupiter Lighthouse (, which is just amazing.  It's light is a Fresnel lens, which is capable of sending light some 14 miles out to see.  Nobody really knows how Fresnel made his lenses, and it can't be duplicated.  I need to do a post on the lighthouse specifically.  Anyway, the restaurant is delicious, and satisfies our cravings for fresh seafood when we go down there.  These palm fronds are in the parking lot.  They serve as a great reminder of what we get to experience whenever we are fortunate enough to make it down to Florida.

Palm Fronds outside the Jetty Restaurant.  Jupiter, Florida.

Portfolio Book Image: The Trail

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After shooting Mesa Arch, I drove a little bit further down the road to the main over look which marks the end of Island in the Sky.  At the bottom of an 800 foot drop, there lies the true beauty of Canyonlands.  You can see FOREVER.  And part of what you can see is the wonderful work of water on sandstone.  Erosion is beautiful.  I watched a Jeep slowly drive along the trail.  I remember them getting out at one point and walking towards the edge.  Oh what fun it would be to experience this.  Once you enter this trail, you're committed.  There is no turning around.  You can only go one way.  You also have to sign in at the visitors center so they know you're there.  That way if you don't come out, they can send out the rescue team to try and find you.  Driving this trail just looks fun, and an incredible life experience.  Maybe I should put it on my bucket list?

Canyonlands National Park, Utah