Photography by J.D. Magers

Portfolio Book Image: Bull Snake Love

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Ahh Spring.  Absolutely my favorite season.  The snow is gone.  Baseball is back and the Rockies are actually relevant for a couple of weeks.  Birds sing.  Flowers and the garden get planted.  Hiking is more enjoyable.  Unless you see this in the middle of the trail that is:

Two bull snakes mating in the middle of the trail at Barr Lake State Park, Adams County, Colorado.

My aunt and uncle were visiting from San Francisco.  They both have an interest in bird watching, and I am trying to learn so I figured I would take them to the south end of Barr Lake State Park to see what we could see.  We got a half mile or so down the trail, having seen plenty of birds, including my uncle's first Bullock's Oriole.  We saw a lady hurrying back towards the parking lot, and she warned us about a snake in the middle of the trail.  We thanked her and went on our merry way.  A couple of minutes later, with binoculars and camera to our eyes while looking at the trees, I heard my aunt yell out to Stop!!  My uncle almost stepped right in the middle of this pile of reptilian hanky panky.  

What an awesome sight to see.  You can definitely see how much bigger the male is than the female by the size of their heads.  At first we thought he was eating her, but it became evident after a couple of minutes what was going on.  All of us watched for a few minutes, I took some snaps, and we continued on down the trail.  Thirty or so minutes later, on the way back, they were still at.  As we approached to go around them, they finished their business and split up, both heading in opposite directions.  Typical breakup…she went her way, and he his.  There's a joke in there somewhere...