Photography by J.D. Magers

Portfolio Book Image: Wood Duck Reflection

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Every October, Scott Kelby and his company organize a World Wide Photowalk.  I think last year there were over 30,000 participants world wide.  Pretty impressive.  I have done the photowalk once, although I have tried every year.  This image is from the 2012 walk that was held down in Littleton.  It seems like everything photographic in Denver is held down in the Littleton area, but oh well.  A good friend of mine had been showing an interest in getting into photography, and the walk was the perfect opportunity for us to go out and let him press the shutter a few times.  So I borrowed a camera from another friend at work, drove down through a really bad rainstorm, and went walking with about 30 others when the clouds parted.  This Wood Duck is now my favorite image from the walk.  It isn't what I submitted to the contest, but probably should have been.  Reflections are huge with me and my photography, and this image has a beautiful reflection.  I also like the feather floating in the water.  We'll see if I am able to participate in the walk this year.  I sure hope so.

Wood Duck swims in a park pond near Littleton, Colorado.