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Success! Screen Shot on a Mac

Added on by J.D. Magers.

In a surprisingly easy turn of events, I was able to find how to take a screen shot on a Mac.  It's even on an Apple support page!  Anyway, in case you too are interested, to capture a partial screen shot, you press Command + Shift + 4.  The cursor then turns into a cross, from which you select what you want to capture.  The file gets saved to the desktop as a .png file that you can open in any photo editor.  More information is at the link above from Apple if you're curious.  Yesterday's post had information on how I processed the woman at the bus stop photo.  That screen grab is below if you want a visual see at how I did it.  Knowing how to do this will make it much easier to show all of you how I process my photos.

Thank you for reading today.  More later...