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Some Women to Follow in Photography

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A couple of weeks ago I posted my top 10 list of photographers who are inspiring to me right now.  As I noted in my summary of that post, there weren't any women on the list. This has been bothering me ever since I realized that fact, and I have put a great deal of thought and energy into searching through my resources to put female photographers back into my creative spotlight.

The first and easiest place to look is my Google + contacts list.  Here I found three women who's work I had known about, but for one reason or another just forgotten about.

Nicole S. Young - I was first introduced to Nicole Young in a Google Hangout a very long time ago with Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs. She looked like she was participating in the Hangout from underneath a tent while camping.  I don't know if Nicole has ever participated in an internet video chat while camping, but I thought how cool is this lady?  I found her on Google + that night.  I have since seen her in a KelbyOne Training Class, and have a few of her presets that I received in my monthly free stuff from On1.  She does excellent work, and is a great teacher.  

Karen Hutton - Karen Hutton is an extremely talented artist.  Her photography is mostly landscape and nature work, but I have also recently learned that she does voiceover work - including the voice of Denver's own lightrail system.  She has an energetic personality, and you can tell she's just fun to be around.  I have bookmarked her blog, and will be diving into that here very shortly.

Lotus Carroll - Speaking of being fun to be around, there is something about Lotus Carroll's G+ page that makes me smile every time I see it.  She is a selfie master.  How she is able to take a selfie in such creative and artistic ways every time she gets in front of the camera is really cool to see.  You can tell that this woman has an incredible imagination.  That's good enough for me. You should check her out.

After coming through my G+ contacts and thinking about the women I saw in there, I remembered Elizabeth Carmel from my Outdoor Photographer magazines.  She has a fairly regular column in the magazine.  Her focus is on Fine Art Landscape, mainly around the Sierra Nevada in California.  I am planning on spending some time looking through her portfolio galleries and studying her compositions.

The last woman I want to mention on this list is someone who I guarantee you have never heard of.  Sarah Lasker is like me.  She is self taught, and does photography as a hobby.  I have no idea if she wants to go professional or not, but I am certain she would do quite well.  I first came to appreciate Sarah's photography in a 365 Flickr group.  She was about 200 days into her year long challenge when I started mine.  Anyway, her pictures of the Phoenix area were amazing.  I also really liked the way she was processing them.  Each day, I would get home from work and check to see if she had posted yet.  I remember "friending" her on Flickr and feeling pretty good about myself a couple weeks later when she friended me back.  I felt like I had a lot in common with this woman, including her love of the sport of Baseball.  Her brother was actually drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, and it was fun to follow his career while he was still in that organization.  Back to Sarah though, after she finished her 365 challenge, she kind of disappeared from Flickr.  I found her blog a little later, and enjoy checking in on her from time to time.  She loves to travel, go to baseball stadiums, and just enjoy life.  Sarah would not know me from any other person on the planet, but she had a small part in making me a better photographer by making me want to take photos for my 365 challenge.  She's inspirational, and that's the point.

There we go.  I have scoured the internet and my memory banks searching for inspirational female photographers.  This is a great list to start.  Everyone on these two lists is a great place to learn from and follow.  You should check them out.  I would love to see your suggestions as well.  Especially self taught photographers like Sarah and myself.  Let me know in the comments below or send me an email.  More later...