Photography by J.D. Magers

Elephant Driver

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In 2006, my wife and I went to Thailand.  Part of our trip took us up to Chaing Mai, and the Maesa Elephant Camp.  This place was awesome.  We got to watch elephants playing in the river, play soccer, and paint pictures.  We also got to hop on the back of a 15 foot tall, 40 year old elephant and waddle off into the jungle.  About half way through the one hour ride, our elephant decided he was hungry and wanted to eat.  While parked on the side of the trail, our guide turned back to us and asked if we wanted a picture.  Not understanding him completely, I brought my camera to my eye and snapped this portrait of him.  His look is priceless.  My wife told me he wanted to know if we wanted him to take our picture.  I handed over the camera and hugged my wife.  The pictures he took were blurry because my dSLR was on Manual mode with a slow shutter speed, but this one I got of him is one of my favorite memories from that trip.  It was a fair trade in my mind.

Elephant Driver

This photograph is also one of my favorite portraits that I have ever made.  Portraits I have tended to struggle with over the years, and have realized that portraits are one of my bigger photographic challenges (that's a teaser by the way).  As we steamroll quickly towards 2016, this is an area I definitely want to set some goals around and improve upon.  Especially so I can learn how to best explore and write about On1 Portrait in the coming months.

In the mean time, I would love to see what your favorite portraits you have taken are.  I have recently joined Twitter.  You can follow me at @focustheframe, and send me a link to your portraits.  I would love to see them.  Anyone who does, I promise I will drop by to say hi.