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Portfolio Book Image: Palm Fronds

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I've mentioned Florida a couple of times.  My wife is from there.  We got married there.  Our favorite restaurant is The Jetty, in Jupiter, Florida.  This place is awesome.  It's so awesome we had our rehearsal dinner there those many years ago.  The restaurant sits on the Indian River just as it approaches the Atlantic Ocean.  They have a large patio where you can sit and watch boats returning home.  The best part is that across the river is the Jupiter Lighthouse (, which is just amazing.  It's light is a Fresnel lens, which is capable of sending light some 14 miles out to see.  Nobody really knows how Fresnel made his lenses, and it can't be duplicated.  I need to do a post on the lighthouse specifically.  Anyway, the restaurant is delicious, and satisfies our cravings for fresh seafood when we go down there.  These palm fronds are in the parking lot.  They serve as a great reminder of what we get to experience whenever we are fortunate enough to make it down to Florida.

Palm Fronds outside the Jetty Restaurant.  Jupiter, Florida.