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Portfolio Book Image: Sunset

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Here we are.  The last image in my photobook series.  I started with a sunrise, and I am ending with a sunset.  Every image in this series is about nature.  The only thing man made in the last 23 images was the road in the shot of Canyonlands.  Sure there are flowers and trees planted by man, and a couple of buildings in the image of the bison back at the beginning, but I chose all this images to show off the natural world.  This is a fitting closing image.  Taken at Barr Lake State Park, this was a magnificent sunset.  One of the best I've ever seen.  The whole sky across my field of view was every hue of orange and purple you can imagine.  

So now the next step is to get the book printed.  Good thing blurb is having a sale right now.  Guess I should upload some pictures huh...

Sunset.  Barr Lake State Park.  Adams County, Colorado

Sunset.  Barr Lake State Park.  Adams County, Colorado