Photography by J.D. Magers

Portfolio Book Image: That Way

Added on by J.D. Magers.

As I mentioned with the last black and white, I have really start to look for patterns and symmetry when I go on my hikes.  Being able to see these types of things can really enhance the image when it is processed in black and white.  It basically boils down to intention, and having a plan in mind when composing that particular photograph.  

I don't always have a plan when I go out, other than to know where I'm going.  I usually go out to look for birds and try to work on that life list.  But I am always open to other images.  Especially when there is great light.  

If you head South from the parking lot at Barr Lake State Park, there is a boardwalk leading to a gazebo that sits on the water.  The problem is that a lot of the water gets drained out of the lake by mid summer because it is used to irrigate farms out on the plains.  What is left after the water is gone is this mishmash of dying water plants, weeds  that aren't water plants, and stuff that settles in one spot because it has nowhere else to go.  If you are paying attention while walking out to the gazebo, you might just spot something pleasing to the eye.  Like maybe a pointy piece of driftwood, sitting in a bed of weeds.  This was even on the shady side of the bridge.  This image wouldn't have worked if we were on the other side.  

I don't remember if I added any birds to my list that day, but I do remember being extremely pleased after processing this image.

Barr Lake State Park, Colorado