Photography by J.D. Magers


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I love it when we get a lot of rain in a short period of time.  It results in the overflow/retention pond right next to my house being filled up with runoff.  It usually sits around for a couple of days.  Invariably, it also attracts some wildlife.  Last year we had an American Avocet camp out for a couple of weeks (the pond was clogged and didn't empty).  It has been very, very rainy in Denver the last few days, and after finally clearing out on Friday, I looked out the kitchen window to see two male and one female Cinnamon Teal had flown in for a little relaxation.  There was also a Blue-WInged Teal, but I haven't processed those pictures yet.  One of the male Cinnamon's was still there on Saturday morning, but I decided to leave them alone.  I wonder what we'll attract next.  Kind of makes me want to leave on land with a permanent pond...

Two male and a female Cinnamon Teal rest in a retention pond full of rain water.