Photography by J.D. Magers

Denver, Colorado, USA

Added on by J.D. Magers.

So it was exactly one year ago today that my family and I woke up in a 14th floor hotel room at the DIA Westin. A couple of short hours later we boarded a plane and began our great adventure. I said goodbye to the city I love and got a little weepy as I imagined my mountains fading off into the distance.

I miss home.

But this year has brought an extraordinary amount of meaning to our lives. We have been to four different countries on two different continents. We have plans in 2018 to visit Italy, France and to take more road trips within Germany and Austria. We'll probably hop on a train and go to Switzerland at some point too. We've also seen artworks by Raphael painted a couple short years after Columbus discovered North America. Think about that.

This grand adventure has been filled with challenges and difficulties that we've faced head on, and it's brought us closer together as a family. I wouldn't trade the past year for anything.

But I miss home. Denver sure sent us away with a beautiful going away present.

Location and Date: Denver, Colorado, USA.  20 Dec 2016

Tech Specs: 16mm @ f/8.0; ISO 2000.  3 image HDR

Camera & Lens: Canon 5D Mark III; Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM